Facts You Should Know About Pet Adoption

It is that time when the children are growing and they want a pet. You may be lonely and need company. It really doesn’t matter what the reason is for getting a pet. Animals are great companions and they help you to teach responsibility and love for other creatures to your children. The next step is what kind of animal do you want, four legged, two legged, no legged. Horse, dog, cat, parakeet, finch, canary, fish, lizard, snake; all of them have their pros and cons. Let’s keep it simple: dog or cat?

Now that you have made up your mind choosing between them, you know that both are great company and they will be faithful to you for life. There are great shelters in Barbara Bruin, Albuquerque and all over the USA where many cats and dogs have been abandoned and all they need is a little love and attention. These animals will soon be put down because nobody wants them, so go out to your closest Animal Shelter in Barbara Bruin and pick one up to save a life.

Let us give you some facts that you may not be aware of:

More than two billion dollars are spent every year to shelter almost ten million cats and dogs which will finally be euthanized.

For every human born, seven cats and dogs are born and survive to end up on the streets or in an animal shelter. Only one of them has the possibility of growing up with a family in a home.

50% of all dogs and 70% of all cats in shelters will be put down.

14% are adopted by a good-hearted family, 38% are stray, and the remaining 38% come from breeders that could not sell them.

30% of all cats and dogs in animal shelters in the USA such as Barbara Bruin Albuquerque are purebreds, worth a lot of money, and deserving much more love and care.

The cost of capturing, feeding, sheltering, and finally murdering an animal in a shelter in the USA is roughly $100.00.Visit website from http://abc13.com/pets/couple-reunites-with-missing-dog-after-adoption-mix-up/1783294/ for more info.

There are too many animals in these shelters, and the numbers keep growing. If you are considering bringing a loving faithful animal to your home, so your children can have fun and share with him think of adopting. The shelter will allow you to take your pick, spend time with him, and share in an open space away from the cages.

Pet AdoptionTalk to the people in charge, they will recommend an animal for your needs and capabilities. Visit with them; meet with them—they are animals which are caged all day without any hope. Have patience, talk to them. They are shy, they are afraid. We are sure you will be able to open your heart to one of these loving creatures. Who knows he may already be trained and full grown. You will know exactly what you are taking home with you, no surprises no deceptions. They are healthy and even their vaccines are up to date.click this site:http://www.barbarabruin.org

Above all these perks and advantages, touch your heart and know that if you do not take him with you, he will eventually be murdered. Go ahead, take that first step, visit the animal shelter in Barbara Bruin, Albuquerque on the one closet to you. Have a heart, save a life.