Pet Adoption – What Rules Apply?

The addition of a new pet to your family can be a heartwarming and fulfilling way of making your children very happy and responsible. Animal shelters like Barbara Bruin, Albuquerque are over-run with and abundant with healthy loving animals such as dogs, cats, and other various small animals.

These animals are simply sitting waiting patiently for a loving family to give them what they want their “forever home.” However, before you do this beautiful act for one of these animals, you have to be aware of some rules you should obey that will help you along with this process. These rules are as follows:

Before you go to the shelter:

1. Make sure you are in agreement of the kind of pet you are looking for this should simplify things a lot. Some things to decide are the breed—whether full or mixed, size, and even the sex of your new family member. Make a firm rule that once you have made a decision with your children and these things then it is final, even if they change their mind once they get there you and your children go home immediately.

2. Make sure that your family knows all of the animal safety rules, mostly for the children and the pets safety. For instance do they know how to approach a strange pet that does not know them? Are any of your children afraid of any types of pets—animals get scared if they sense fear.Get some details from

3. Finally make sure that the children know that this is a very sad place and even though you and your children may want to take the entire pet’s home you can only take one. Last but not least do some investigation on the shelter policies—do you have to fill out forms for approval, or can you take the pet home that night.

While at the shelter:

1. Most importantly remind your children of the rules that you discussed earlier and make sure that they are in arms reach at all times for their safety.

2. With your kids do a once through and narrow all the animals out that are not even close to what you are looking for. Then return down the line for a closer inspection to weed out the rest.

3. Narrow down your search with the staff that works there asking key questions that will eliminate some more pets. These questions include health history, behavior, and so on.

4. Visit with the pet of your choice in a secluded area if the shelter has one so you can witness for yourself the compatibility of your children and your new family member.

After the visit:

1. If you cannot take the pet home this is perfect—discuss with your family about their new pet choice and how happy they will be today and tomorrow. It is not a crime to keep looking, but it should be to make a pet so happy to finally have a home and get sent back to the shelter.

Pet Adoption2. Whether or not you do adopt then call back the shelter and let them know. If you do decide to adopt great, fill out the necessary forms, if you haven’t already, you may also have to pay for fees to adopt which are not a lot. May you have not decided to adopt which is OK too, but let the staff know why so they can better that animal for the next family.

Adopting a pet should be like adopting a child, it is the most fulfilling adventure you will take. It will also be a very memorable experience for your children if they know what to expect from the start. For more information, contact Barbara Bruin, Albuquerque animal shelter or another shelter near you.…